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Bringing Bolivia's Flavour to Toronto



My name is Tania Di Blasi, I arrived to Toronto from Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Bolivia on 2001, I'm a proud mother of 3 amazing kids, like most immigrants at the beginning it's hard to adjust and we have to start from zero, usually we don't get to choose what we want to do or we have to reinvent ourselves when we decide to leave everything we know in search for a better future. With time, hard work and perseverance the opportunities started to finally opened up for me. My advice to you is that when that time comes you have to be ready to take it all in and put all the experience and knowledge acquired to test; don't hesitate just believe in yourself and do it. I did it ! and it has been the best decision.

How this dream started, going back to my childhood memories while growing up in Bolivia I always remember seeing my family preparing delicious food, sharing and trying new recipes.

My mother would prepare amazing food for her guests; she loved hosting parties, and watching my grandmother (another great cook) making everything from scratch, seeing them put so much love and dedication into creating this wonderful experiences for all my family and friends. Watching people gather around the table savouring and enjoying every bite opened up my curiosity. Since then I decided to help hands on in the kitchen and let all that wisdom from generations to be passed on to me.

I lived in Bolivia for 25 years, and studied Gastronomy with a group of Chefs from Spain who came to Santa Cruz to teach; I wanted to learn more so it was an amazing experience.

When I finally decided to materialized this dream of mine of introducing Bolivian Food to Torontonians , my daughter decided to join me on this crazy idea and I couldn't imagine a better partner I say crazy because we decided to open during a lockdown in a global pandemic we knew it was very risky but we were sure of what we had to offer and we still believe is something unique and special and worth to share with everyone.

 The process wasn't easy it took us many years to perfect our salteñas recipe because we had to adjust to different local ingredients I also realized then that making salteñas requires certain skills, techniques and definitely patience. But after many trials and a long learning process, We are very proud of the quality of the products that we get to offer all of our dear customers today and to make it taste authentic that was our biggest challenge.


We only use the best local products and ingredients to prepare one of the most traditional and iconic foods from Bolivia: our Salteñas.  As we mentioned before the process of making this Bolivian dish is far from simple,  It takes 3 days to have them ready, but it's all worth it because when we get to see our clients expressions in their faces when they have the first bite they can't hide it, they deeply fall in love with the flavour, texture and uniqueness, that for us is the best reward and our motivation to keep improving and maintaining the quality of our products.

Our hope is that people from Toronto is adventurous enough to explore and to learn more about our gastronomy and our culture.

Talk Soon,

Tania & Fiona


Team Members

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