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Bringing Bolivia's Flavour to Toronto



My name is Tania Di Blasi, and the best memory of my childhood while growing up in Bolivia was always seeing my family cook.

My mother would prepare amazing food for her guests; she loved hosting parties, and watching my grandmother (another great cook) making everything from scratch opened my curiosity. She never stopped indulging the family with all her delicious recipes that were made with so much love and dedication, in order to create wonderful experiences for her family with every bite. I always watched carefully and ended up helping in the kitchen. 

I lived in Bolivia for 25 years, and studied Gastronomy with a group of Chefs from Spain who came to Santa Cruz to teach; it was a wonderful experience.


I got married and right after that I came to Canada 19 years ago; I now have 3 amazing kids but like most immigrants, we don't get to choose where we want to work (at least not at the beginning) as we usually start from the bottom, but we learn from all of our experiences and with time and perseverance, one day the opportunity of making our dreams come true opened up.


My dream was to introduce Canada to a taste of Bolivian Cuisine here in Toronto, which is such a multi-cultural city; people here are adventurous and they like to try new things.

 It took us many years to perfect our salteñas recipe because we had to adjust to different local ingredients. But after many trials and tribulations and a long learning process, I'm very proud of the products that we get to offer all of our clients today. 

We only use the best products and ingredients to prepare one of the most traditional and iconic foods from Bolivia: our Salteñas.  The process of making this Bolivian dish is far from simple.  It takes several days to have them ready, but it's so worth it because each client that tries the flavour of our famous Bolivian salteñas and food for the first time, fall deeply in love at the first bite, and that for me is the best reward.


Early on in my business, my daughter decided to join me on in on this adventure, and we really do have so much fun working together. We put so much love into making our "peace of heaven"  Bolivian cuisine, and bringing its' flavour to clients like you.  So thank you for joining us on our Bolivian cuisine adventure. 

We hope you enjoy exploring our Bolivian culture and flavour.

Hablamos Pronto,

Talk Soon,

Tania & Fiona


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