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Salteñas: Bolivia's National Flavour

Bolivians have a gastronomic flavour that garners the world’s attention from the first bite.

During mid-morning meal time, Bolivians typically take a 15 to 30 minute break with tea or coffee, accompanied with a light snack. During the traditional break time, Bolivia takes a moment’s pause. Offices, stores, businesses and even the government agencies stop working to enjoy the mid-morning ritual break.

In Bolivia, the most favourable snack or light meal of choice are salteñas. This savoury pastry is filled with a delicious and nutritious broth made with bones and vegetables, we have 3 different fillings our flavours are: Beef, chicken and Murshrooms, we also add potatoes, peas, olives and a medium boiled egg slice.

To celebrate your short 15 or 30 minute break like Bolivians do, well you know you need to eat salteñas. At Munay Bolivian Food a 881 St. Clair Ave. W in Toronto’s Latin-Carribean neighbourhood, feel free to stop by and grab your fresh salteñas or try other hand-made, unique bolivian pastries and sweets.

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