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Re-connecting With Our Culture and People

For me, the most enjoyable part of my business has been meeting people coming from different parts of the world. I love meeting people who have had the exposure to Bolivian culture and food from travelling, or others who are planning on travelling to Bolivia, while others simply stumble upon us in the St. Clair W., Toronto, Ontario, Canada region. It doesn’t make much difference to us how they connect with our Bolivian food and cultural dishes, because each client has a new and life enriching experience while visiting Munay Bolivian Food.

Regardless of how they find us in Toronto, our clients are pleasantly surprised that there is finally a Bolivian restaurant where they can enjoy Bolivia’s gastric flavours through our hand-made Bolivian dishes. It’s here at our Bolivian Restaurant, Munay Bolivian Food, where Bolivians and those learning and experiencing our beautiful culture can rekindle and re-immerse themselves in all that Bolivia has to offer us all.

Bolivians who have been living here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for some time and are longing for what they left behind in exchange for coming to this incredible country in search of a better future, come with with tears in their eyes when they discover Munay Bolivian Food. They rejoice when they find a slice of their Bolivian culture and community in Toronto, where they can re-connect with their roots that they have so longingly missed.

There truly is nothing better than finding a corner of this great city that has space for you at the kitchen table; where you can eat with your friends while talking or learning more about their language: Spanish.

It is a greatly humbling experience to be able to open the door and share our Bolivian culture through the flavour of our hand-made dishes, in service and with a mission to unite for our Bolivian community in our new community as immigrants in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I hope that you too take the chance to experience the taste of our beautiful country, Bolivia.

- Tania Di Blasi


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